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What is Is A Real Estate Video Tour Directory

Otherwise hard to find within the countless videos and categories on, lets you publish your YouTube video tours into classified real estate search directories.

Publishing your video promotes your YouTube channel and back links to your own website. Who wouldn't want free, easy SEO?

Why Use Video?

Statistics show that people are spending more time watching video online than anything else. Stats also show that more than 80% of people looking to buy or rent start their search online.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the #3 ranked website on the internet, it is easier and noticably faster than any other video service. They are the best choice because Google owns YouTube, Google is the #2 ranked website on the internet. If you want new leads, your goal is to show up in Google search results.

Other Websites Require Uploading Video, Is That Better?

Ask yourself the following:

If you answered (a) then those other websites are definitely not better! Is Not Only For Posting Real Estate Video

Anyone can publish a page about their service. As our database grows, your service will begin to display in local searches potentially directing clients back to your own website.

Related Real Estate Video Services

If you are a video editor, photographer, narrator, musician, or if you produce complete real estate video tours, there is an account specifically for you.

Related services accounts allow you to gain credit for any creative work that any of your clients publish on the website. Gaining credit builds links back to your service page. Your service page will list all of your credited work for potential clients to review.

No Upload Required

Publishing a video tour on is as easy as a copy / paste. Simply copy your entire YouTube video link and paste it.

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